1. A three day health screening and Expo will be held at the Bukit Mertajam shopping hall .We hope to screen over 2,000 people free of charge for those living in the area of Butterworth from 23th to 25th July 2010.

WE are working closely with the ministry of health and the Family Development and Population Ministry of the federal government .The government will provide and sponsor all the free testing for the public. We will provide the man power and organize the event during the 3 day screening .

2. Come Sept 17/18/19 2010 ,ROSE together with Lions clubs from Perak, the SeniorCitizens groups and the federal health ministry will visit the orang asli settlement in Kampar, Perak to provide food ,beverages and free health tests to the 250 families.

3. A one day Motherhood’s Health forum will be held at Wawasan Open University campus here in Penang, together with Rose.The university is focusing on women’s professionals and the general public on various topics and issues affecting women

4. On 27th& 28th November 2010 at Penang ‘s International Sports Arena, a two day International Health Expo will be held to showcase various health products ,equipments, free health screenings etc.. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend for the free health screenings with assistance from the health ministry, health care providers and state government. The event organized by ROSE and fully sponsored and endorsed by the State government.

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