Joint eye clinic program with St Nicholas Home, Penang

Rose Charities Malaysia and St Nicholas Home are shortly to open joint eye clinic services in Penang. St Nicholas Home is a distinguished charity establishment with a long history of aid to the poor of the area.  Rose Charities has several eye programs, internationally through its organizations in Cambodia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Canada.  In Cambodia, Rose Charities has treated over 100,000 patients with eye problems in its Phnom Penh Sight Centre

Rose Charities Malaysia, Singapore, HelpAge Thailand and Thai Elderly Association cooperating to bring relief elderly caught up in Thai floods

Thai floods update:   Rose Charities Malaysia, joining with Rose Charities Singapore, HelpAge, Thailand and the Thai Elderly Association to plan further joint flood relief specifically for the elderly victims of the flood areas.  Mr Lawrence Cheah of Rose Charities Malaysia, and also Rose Charities International Council Chair, has initiated this joint initiative through his networking contacts.

Rose Charities Singapore and Malayisa Thai flood relief supplies getting through..

Rose Charities Singapore Chair Christina Leong writes.. “Rose Charities Singapore has established a transport link into Thailand. Through a network of volunteers, friends and affiliates, emergency supplies are being purchased in neigbouring countries and transported to the areas in need.

Donations in the past 3 days alone have enabled us to purchase 1000 tins of milk power which will be sent to babies in evacuation centers through local Thai TV station ThaiTV3.

We are now sending out the call for canned food for those stranded at the flooded sites.

For SGD3.00 / RM7.20, the flood victims will get a set of the following items:
1. Cinta Sardine in tomato sauce at RM2.75/425g/can (retail is RM3.25/can)
2. Rex Baked beans in tomato sauce at 1.95/425g/can (retail is RM2.25/can)
3. ‘Xiang Xiang’ brand crackers abt 420gm (similar to Ping Pong brand) RM2.50/pack

Donations are needed to assist program and will be very gratefully received.

As always with Rose Charities, the program is run 100% by unpaid volunteers so every cent donated goes…

Rose Charities Malaysia and Singapore combine to spearhead Thai flood relief effort..

Thailand has been suffering the worst flooding in living memory. Over 300 people have died and thousands are homeless.  Around a third of the entire country has been affected.  In some areas food, especially for babies and the elderly with special needs is scarce. Rose Charities relief efforts have been spearheaded by the newly formed Rose Charities Singapore but in conjunction with Rose Charities Malaysia.

Other Rose Charities organizations worldwide  are supporting through their efforts. Emergency supplies are being donated and purchased both through contacts on the ground in Thailand as well as in those neigbouring countries, and transported to the areas in need.

Donations are needed to assist program and will be very gratefully received. As always with Rose Charities , the program is volunteer run so every cent donated will go to work in the disaster area for those in need. To donate, please see the donation pages of the various Rose Charities organization websites (for framework of the Rose network and Rose sites in other countries (click) ).

Alternatively, please see the donation page on this site

Big welcome to Rose Charities Singapore ! (and their wonderful help for Baby Jeven)

Rose Charities Singapore (Lawrence and Mme Cheah on right)

A Rose Charities Singapore has now been formed, assisted by Mr Lawrence Cheah and others.  The whole Rose Charities network extends a warm welcome to our new organization !

Rose Charities Singapore has immediately sprung into action by helping raise funds for Baby Jeven who desperately needs a complex cardiac operation  this October.

Baby Jeven and mother

Helping Baby Jeven

Please help Baby Jeven

Rose Charities Malaysia lead by Mr Lawrence Cheah are pulling out all strings to help raise funds for Baby Jevans complex heart operation this October. Please help if you can

15th Annual MyDance, MyChristmas Ballet Fundraiser

Hon Patron of Rose Charities Malaysia marries in Copenhagen

 Hon Patron of Rose Charities Malaysia (Penang), Mr Martin Bek-Neilsen and Tine Madsen married in August, this summer (2011) in Holmens Kirke in beautiful Copenhagen 

All in Rose Charities extend all congratulations to Tine and Martin, and wish them a lifetime of happiness

Mid-Summer Charity Concert: 10th September 2011

Rose Charities Penang kindly host Bill Johnston (Rose Charities Canada and Vietnam)..Bill thanks everyone..

Mr Bill Johnston was the previous Consul General for Canada in Ho Chi Minh City.  Jan and Bill Johnston were co-founders (with Mr Louis Lap Nguyen) of Rose Charities Vietnam. Bill is a director on the Rose Charities Canada board.  In  March 2011 Bill visited Mr and Mrs Lawrence Cheah, Chair of Rose Charities Penang, and was very kindly entertained with a wonderful steamboat meal in a Chinese Restaurant. The clip below captures some of Bill Johnstons speech of appreciation…