Cooperative Penang ROSE Charities Berhad

ROSE COOP, which stands for “Reaching Out for Sustainable Empowerment Cooperative,” is a dynamic and community-driven cooperative organization dedicated to fostering sustainable development and empowerment within our community.


Our cooperative was founded on the principles of social responsibility, economic resilience, and community engagement.


At ROSE COOP, we firmly believe that by working together, we can create positive and lasting change in the lives of individuals and the well-being of our community as a whole.

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Where are the Rose Organizations?

There are registered or group organized  Rose Charities in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, England, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and USA. These organizations are responsible for most of the fund-raising and technical support of their own or other located  Rose  projects. They are run by volunteers so administration costs are kept to a minimum, with 98% of donations going directly to support our work. There are one or more Rose Charities direct or supported programs  in 18  countries: New Zealand, Samoa,  Singapore,  Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam,  Sri Lanka,  Nepal,  Afghanistan, Uganda, Madagascar, Zambia, Ethiopia,  Guatemala, Costa Rica, Haiti and Ecuador.   Emergency relief operations or support has also been carried out over the years over most of the countries of S. and S.E. Asia

A continually changing organic network..

he Rose Charities network is continually changing, growing, contracting, moving  one direction and another throughout the full spectrum of sectors in which we are involved.   While all attempts are made to keep up with the current situation on this website, ‘ often by ‘b.l.o.g.’s   the latest updates invariably are published first within the Rose managed social media of Facebook and Instagram 

Interested In Contributing To Our Cause?

Our Programs

The Rose Charities ‘family’ currently consists of 6  nationally registered Rose Charities organizations:    (reverse alphabetically) … USA,  UK,  Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and Cambodia.  In addition, some countries run ‘Rose Program Groups’, not formally registered but nevertheless impressively active in helping  worthy causes in  or outside their own communities on a volunteer basis.  Roses  Singapore  and Nepal are such examples.





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