About Us

Establish in 2009, ROSE Charities Malaysia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Penang, Malaysia that is part of the international ROSE Charities network.

Our Mission

ROSE stands for “Reaching Out and Supporting Everyone” and the organization is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and support to those in need, both within Malaysia and internationally.


ROSE Charities Malaysia focuses on various areas of assistance, including healthcare, education, disaster relief, and community development. They work to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, including children, women, and marginalized communities.

Their specific activities and projects may vary over time, as they respond to emerging needs and collaborate with local partners and other organizations.



We believe we can achieve great fellowship and things when WE COME TOGETHER AS A TEAM. For no matter how strong an individual maybe that strength is made greater by the support and companionship of others. IT is what can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

About Our Network

The network is facilitated and monitored by an international council consisting of members from all the groups. The Councils aim is to maintain standards, target cooperation, adjudicate in any disputes and organize communication, meetings and workshops for the group to interchange ideas and plans.

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